2019 enyone. Something like that happened to me. it wasn't as bad, but still... my first house party turned out a mess haha. I bet this was so much fun to film. Project Y at my house friday. Bring bratwurst. I remember when I first saw this, I thought high school was gonna be like this. They LIED. The 2000's felt like a huge summer party and the party ended at the end of 2013. Best movie ever. Everybody needs a friend like Costa!🔥🔥🔥. 0:59 Dog: what the fuck is happening. Whos wanna Project X 2? 2019 and still Love the Music ✌️.

Wow I was 17 now I'm OLD 😭😭😭😭. 2019 project x 2. This is why we European love USA hahahaha. I only watched this movie literally one time years ago but yet I remember it so well. I remember when this came out I was hoping high school parties would actually be like this. Sadly Ive never seen anything like this happen in high school. 2:12 see even the dogs are getting more action than me. Best 2019. I am latterly 28 and still love this movie 🤣.

Old enough to know what's wrong to young to care. Im 21 and Ive still have yet to go to a party this lit. Throwing a party like this in morrowind. Theres something about that movie i cannot explain.






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