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[pc] Prime Video The Overnight massacre animal. This is a very simple story here of a group of high school girls having a slumber party (despite looking too old for that sort of thing) while their horny male counterparts goof off and while a degenerate mass murdering creep, Russ Thorn (Michael Villella) stalks both men and women alike with his handy power drill. "The Slumber Party Massacre" is of course unique for the slasher sub genre for being written and directed by women. Noted feminist writer Rita Mae Brown wrote the screenplay, and Amy Jones, a graduate of the Roger Corman filmmaking school, is the director. Its element of satire may not be readily apparent, but it *is* there. When the movie comes to its now iconic shot of the killer standing astride a cowering victim, with his deadly weapon dangling suggestively between his legs, it does become more apparent that this movie does work as a comment on other slasher films of the era: how they centre on depraved male killers and how their weapon can be viewed as a surrogate penis. Note, too, how most of the male characters are not terribly useful, even if they're not utterly demented: the women will have to learn to fight for their lives if they're going to survive this night.

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Its not a terrible movie, but it is not good in any sense of the word. 80s slashers are hilarious. Anyone seen it? Apparently, they were trying to make it more of a comedy but decided to make it more straight horror eventually so you get some deliberately funny moments (as well as lots of non-deliberate ones) What are some terrible bloody 80s slasher/horror movies like this or Chopping Mall? I saw another one about a spa that kills people too. I love shit like that. The sequels weren't as good but they were still fun. The second one really jumped the shark and it was very different. There were lots of hot actresses and the killer was pretty menacing. Any other movies like it.


The Slumber Party Massacre (1982