Terre d'aveugles 2017








Finally Ben Mendelsohn not playing the bad guy! This looks awesome. But will gonna miss Take my Breadth Away Song. 💔💔💔. Finally a movie that will be a true experience, not just a flick. This is what i call a film: THE EIGHTIES NEVER DIED. NEVER.


This is the true detective season we shouldve gotten. La reedem devrait tirer avec le mille voies sur les oeufs pour voir. Proof: German cars are the best. Oh snap, that window looks deep... Thanks HBO 🖤... Denzel Washington Son: Dad Christopher Nolan wants me in a Movie Denzel Washington: Just say YES. Sorry I can't watch this... I'm just gonna cry a river... Us: how complicated is your movie Christopher nolan: yes. Man, when he splits between those two jets. it gave me “goose”😉bumps.

The book is so good hope the show is just as freaky and dark

20 sled teams took part in 1925 for the serum relay 19 of them averaging 31 miles each. 1 team togo's team ran 264 miles. in 2011 time magazine named togo the most heroic animal of all time is this film worth the watch. absolutely.


“If you fail there will be a massacre “ I hope you dont fail at box office. This should be a movie js. When you are a fan a of twd and saw the thumbnail, Michonne? lol. What happened here? Hasn't happened yet. “The untold true story” it was not untold. There was an entire book about it called “the cruelest miles”.