This film was a throw-away 70's film. It strangely stars Kris Kristopherson, who is the bad guy in the film. Jan Micheal Vincent turns in his normal boy-next-door role 'nice' guy. I wanted to seek out and see this film. It was the last professional feature film to be shot at the Corriganville. The Ranch has a long and huge film production history from the 20's through the 70's. The property was burned out by brush fires, TWICE. Then the property was sold and finally is owned by the local city and used as a park land. It is publicly opened for tourists. Also the location for Bernadette Peter's 'The Motel' was another local landmark, famous Michigan trapper John Ehn's Sun Valley Old Trapper's Lodge. A local folk art palace that was unfortunately demolished for airport expansion, but the cement colorful western figures (indians, cowboys, farm girls) were then moved to be exhibited at a local junior college to the present day. The film is nothing special otherwise.
Vigilante Force.