When I went to see this movie, I thought I'd be seeing a decent "chick flick" love story. What I found was a boring, too long, cheesy, bad production. The most disturbing thing was the costumes. It was supposed the take place in the mid-90's, but everything looked post-millenium. Low-rider jeans and three-quarter sleeved shirts filled every scene. Even the music was off target. I'm sorry, but "Get Your Freak On" by Missy Elliot came out last year. I was told that this originally (in the book) took place in the 1950's. It would have made MUCH more sense if they had left it there, rather than trying to modernize it's stereotypical and predictable story line. The only positive note to be made is that Mandy Moore is actually believable, although the character isn't. Thumbs up on your acting, Mandy, thumbs down to the script.


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