I notice a trend on certain anime characters. It's hard to describe, but here's a list of traits Sociability: Do they have friends? SO? Kids? People who they hangout out? Do they push people away? Smile Factor: Do they ever smile? Laugh? Jerk factor: Does this person go out of his way to be a dick? Here's a list I made so far. Vegeta Rukawa (slam dunk) Squall Leonhart Bakugo Piccolo Todoroki Hiei Jotaro Sesshomaru Miyata Ichiro (Hajime No Ippo. I just realized Nigel constantly telling the contestants to "have charm" reminds me of female employees being told to "smile more" in the workplace.


One of the reasons JJ has resonated so much with me is the complex backstory and other strong female characters this story has. Everything is turned on it's head, from the cheating strong lawyer to the interactions between the cast members. I loved it, it was empowering and true, beyond being an awesome story and Tennant being absolutely amazing. That said - I'm wondering if the story was a bit alienating for men? I've heard more men feeling JJ wasn't so great and I'm wondering if any men (or w. The Gender Connection in Jessica Jones.