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Dental Implants and Periodontal Center Spokane, WA. 18 frames per second: Early motion picture films. 24 frames per second: Worldwide standard for movie theater film projectors. 2500+ frames per second: very high-speed camera for special effects such a pyrotechnics and explosions. Milliseconds to Frames. Why 24 frames per second, why not 23 or 25? Or for that matter, why not 10 or 100? What's so special about seeing images 24 The current explosion in distribution platforms (internet, phones, VR googles) means that the bedrock standard of 24 frames per.

At 900 fps, each frame only takes 1.11 ms to complete, halve the fps and now they take 2.22 ms. If you're at a lower framerate where each frame takes 16ms, then a drop to half now takes 32ms per frame, so the percentage in fps is the same, the Replies: 2K.